Why Doesn’t My Website Grow My Business? Here’s Why.

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Written by Jet Set Views

June 9, 2020

If you’re even here, I probably don’t need to explain to you what a well-made website can potentially do for you and your business, but I will tell you why it isn’t meeting any of your expectations. I’ve dealt with this before, and I know how frustrating it can be. Here are some angles you may need to attack.


1. Too few of your potential buyers will ever see it.

Having a good website is a great foundation, but in a lot of cases, they aren’t really on the radar of people who don’t already know who you are, or haven’t already decided to purchase from you. These sites can still have their uses, but that is most likely not what you’re having an issue with. Your website’s primary objective is to help you drum up or more business and in truth, there are many ways to get your site seen; From SEO to social media, to PPC and more, But most of us are not utilizing these effectively or even at all. So even if we spend thousands on excellent pages that would convert targeted traffic at a high rate, we may end up with little to show for it. Don’t waste that time, money, or effort. It’s never too late to make something of your website.


2. You aren’t actually aware of what it’s doing for your business.

Now granted, if you’re reading this, the missing results probably still don’t satisfy you, but it’s possible that some of you don’t actually know how many people see your website, or convert to paying customers and clients. There are various methods of tracking the performance of your site and even auditing the other ways you market your business. Google Analytics and webmaster tools, Call tracking, and the reports generated by the campaign dashboards of various marketing tools. It’s important for you and your pockets that you hold your marketing resources accountable, so you aren’t wasting resources on things that aren’t worth it.


3. It can’t be used as intended.

In some cases, a website may not function as intended for some or all of its visitors. Whether it’s browser compatibility or mobile and desktop compatibility, these issues can affect you in a very negative way. It’s important to ensure that your site works well on more than just the devices you can personally see it on. And while this varies to some extent from industry to industry, it is very important that your site works with mobile. As a large majority of traffic, in general, is now from mobile devices. If things are displaying incorrectly, or functioning improperly, it can prevent most or all people from converting to customers, and they might not even want to depending on how bad the problem really is.


4. It doesn’t work.

A website that looks good is not always a site that works well. And it sounds obvious, but it’s not something we like to admit or internalize about our own personal tastes vs what actually works. A business website exists to promote a business, So the information it presents, how it’s presented, and how it functions are at least as important as how easy it is on the eye. It’s easy to say this but harder still to explain what the difference really is. This is why personally, I recommend examining successful websites in your industry, to see exactly what is they do differently from others. Sometimes it really just is how well it’s been promoted, and sometimes, it’s way more than that.

I plan to update this with more helpful information and links to other related articles. Stay tuned for more!

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